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Corporate Travel Management

Travel Leaders/Travelmore specializes in corporate travel management and we are passionate about making business travel - better! We collaborate with each customer to form a perfectly tailored program, balancing excellent service and fiscal management. Whether making travel reservations online using our customized booking solutions, or in-person with your own team of Certified Business Reservation Specialists (averaging over 19 years in the travel industry), our goal is to provide your employees with a convenient hassle-free travel experience. Our integrated travel solutions, online booking tools, risk management and analytical reporting and experienced travel professionals makes us the perfect fit for companies that want control of their travel management program and ROI without sacrificing excellent service. Contact us today so we can begin to work with you to design your cost-effective travel management program maximizing every dollar you spend.


Corporate Travel Management
Kudos! I’ve been meaning to drop you an email ever since our 5 year anniversary as an unstoppable travel team passed in July. In that 5 years you and your team have been far more than just vendors, you have helped me with every aspect of my job from hotel and airline negotiations to implementing Concur. Your staff is always quick and cheerful to fulfill requests and unfailingly accurate. I would not be able to do my job with you, your staff and Travel Leader/Travelmore, and for that I say thank you!Denise K, Northern Chicago Suburb
Corporate Travel Management (cont.)
(continued from Ken T) .... "They seem to always be on the cutting edge of the “next best thing” in the world of business travel. While these services are all great, I am most impressed with the fact that Travelmore has unquestionable integrity and values. They are the best travel partner I have used in over 30 years of extensive business travel". Ken T. Miamisburg, OH
Corporate Travel Management
I have managed the travel programs for three different employers over the past 20 years. During this time, I have utilized the services of several different vendors to ensure that we provide our travelers with the best service, easiest access, and most responsible partners we can find. The last 12+ years have been with Travel Leaders/Travelmore…who are truly partners in every sense of the word. Many people think travel agencies simply book flights and make hotel reservations. Tavel Leaders/Travelmore does much more. We partner with them to negotiate and maintain a worldwide network of preferred hotels in our top travel cities, favored rental car rates, and a multitude of other services that support our company’s business priorities and objectives. Ken T. Miamisburg, OH
Corporate Meeting
The meetings are done and the majority are gone. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. 2015's winter meeting will be in New Orleans! The people here loved working with you and thought you were great. They would like to work with you more. Good job. Thank you again for everything. Judy M. Leesburg, IN
Incentive Travel, Germany
“We had an awesome trip!" Thank you very much for everything that you did to organize our voyage – this vacation will leave an impression on us for years to come. Bradley V, Mundelein, IL Bradley V. Mundelein, IL.
Incentive Travel, Germany
It was fantastic. You did a great job. The hotel, transfers, and every part of the trip went flawlessly. Thanks for doing such a great job for us. Take care. Keith R Mundelein IL Keith R. Mundelein, IL.
Strategy Meeting
Stephanie, everything went just perfect in Calgary (and everything also went great in Vancouver) and thanked us both! Thanks again for making my job easy for our Strategy Meetings. You do great work! Beth C. Milford, IN
Trip of a lifetime !
Thanks for checking in yesterday. I am so pleased with you. You orchestrated a wonderful trip for the two of us. Everything progressed through our three destinations beautifully. CastaDiva was over the top for us. Marco and his team bumped us up to a magically large villa with a stunningly large balcony. Marco settled us into our villa and two days later surfaced at Il Vapore in Torno to assure our anniversary setting was just right. The weather was just great for us. All transit accommodations went so well. I would never have mentioned to you about the UA flight delay in Milan if you hadn’t mentioned it. It was minor compared to the seamless events over the previous eleven days. Leisure Client, San Diego CA


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