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Locally Owned and Operated; Worldwide Capabilities

We all know that the right travel management system is important to effectively manage and operate an extensive travel budget. At Travel Leaders we can provide you with the tools and expertise needed to maximize your ROI and ensure your clients and/or employees have the best possible travel outcome.

Our experienced travel agents are well versed and trained on the nuances of booking travel. Our travel management portfolio includes both specialized personal support and online self-booking capabilities. We can provide a dedicated online booking tool which will allow you to control the rules and parameters of travel bookings. But we also review each booking personally before issuing tickets to ensure quality and reduce booking errors. Our online booking system also offers hotel and car rental services, and can synchronize with your own expense reporting system to streamline productivity. For those that prefer speaking with real live travel professionals over booking online, we are available via phone or email to provide professional travel booking assistance.

Our travel resources include a dedicated 24-hour customer service line to provide travel assistance at anytime, anywhere in the world. We also provide a live-connected travel app, that allows your travelers to be updated immediately while traveling, in case of any delays, cancellations or re-routes. We even provide access to exportable data files that will allow you to search, track and report all of your travel data to allow you to determine strengths and weaknesses in your travel rule set.

Please call us to set an appointment so that we can discuss how to make your travel process easier, reliable and more efficient.

Dave Bonnel

Agency Manager

4104 W 6th St. Suite A

Lawrence, KS 66049



Dorothy Pogge Dorothy Pogge
Travel Consultant
Planning some time away from the office?

As a business professional you recognize the importance of time and finding a great value. When it comes to getting away from the office let the travel experts at Travel Leaders use their knowledge and connections to offer exclusive packages and amenities. From extending your business trip to take in the local scene to putting together a comprehensive family vacation, we can take your individual tastes and ideas and sculpt them into an unforgettable trip.

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